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H20 is an innovative self-supporting outdoor flooring system designed by Ceramica Rondine. Suited for countless applications, from homes to public areas, it offers the highest degree of functionality, along with Made in Italy style and design. 
Easy and versatile to install, even by non specialized personnel, it can be laid dry on gravel or grass, cemented onto sub-floors, and installed as a raised surface on rigid supports made of recycled and recyclable plastic material.

This new series is an extremely important project for Ceramica Rondine, as it comes from the skilful and masterly creativity of our technicians. Working with the rich and complex universe of natural stone and marble, they have managed to create a product which is unique and highly innovative in its beauty and distinctiveness. A surface which is soft to the touch, combining the refined elegance of a material of such importance as marble with the body and simplicity of stone. A mix of designs, available in modern and fashionable colours like black, dove grey, beige-white and taupe.